Winter in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Hi everyone, could you share how the winter conditions vary across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch? Temperatures, difficulty of driving, availability of insulated homes, and anything winter-important. I come from a warm and sunny country all year round and it’s difficult for me to imagine how winter is like and how to prepare for it.

I believe Winter is from June to August?

Thank you!

I suggest that for the weather, you should look at this website - I’ve called up the details for Auckland at the moment, but you can do searches on other places in NZ as you wish. Follow up all the tabs, and you’ll find a place where you can see the details of what the weather has been like every day throughout the year, e.g. temperature, rainfall, wind strength, etc… This is probably better to help you understand what to expect than to hear people say, ‘Oh, it’s cold,’ or, ‘It’s quite warm,’ which is only each person’s opinion, which will be different depending on the usual conditions where they have been used to living.