Why is Samoan language important than it is in New Zealand?

importance of the languageThe Samoan language is an important language in New Zealand, because it is the third most spoken language after English and Maori. Originally the language is from Samoa where the language is spoken by nearly 100 percent of the people everyday. More than 150,000 Samoans in New Zealand are very proud to hold onto and to maintain their language in Aotearoa. In New Zealand about 66% of the Samoan community speak Samoan with a large number who speak it as their first language. Many Samoan churches throughout New Zealand use the language on a regular basis. About 46% of New Zealand born Samoans speak the language. Many of these are proud of that and want their children to speak the language as well. Samoan is now part of the school curriculum in New Zealand. High schools in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch as well as many preschools use or teach the language as part of their daily programme. Samoan also has a degree programme at Victoria University of Wellington, and is part of Pacific Studies BA degree in Auckland university.The Human Rights Commission supported Samoan language week last year (2009) and the celebrations nationwide was an astounding success.