Why did the Maori fight colonists in New Zealand?

The Maori fought the early European settlers of NZ predominately because the settlers where unfairly taking the Maori peoples land off them as the Maori believed the Europeans were wanting to share the land, however the settlers wanted to purchase the land outright. The Maori people soon realised that the settlers did not want to share the land but by this time allot of the land was in the settlers hands. As more settlers came into New Zealand, they began to cheat the Maori people out of their lands using contracts unfair laws and such. Out of all this the Maori land wars began, this was the Maori people fighting for their land. This did not work well for the Maori however, and the outcome wasnt positive for them. Lots of them died, others were jailed etc, then the settlers used the wars as an excuse to confiscate more land. Eventually the Maori people used land marches, strikes and land occupation to, in the end, start to get their land back, or compensation if not possible.