Which suburb in Wellington do you suggest for living

Which suburb in Wellington do you suggest for living, with a job in CBD and moving with my wife & 6yr old kid? And is using public transport better for commuting? Or is having a car necessary?

It depends on budget (Welly is expensive compared to what I was used to in the UK), what side of the CBD you’ll be in, what kind of family life would suit you guys (quiet, semi-rural or bustling), there are a lot of options! We live in Tawa and my husband commutes on the train every day, I use the car :blush: but although we’re the very north of the northern suburbs, we’re much closer to Porirua

for less than $450 for a 2-bed, it’s going to be a bit of a luck of the draw of what’s available at the time! I’d go and visit whatever properties are available at the time on trademe and have a good sniff for damp! If once you’re here you have a couple of options you want help to choose between, definitely post again