Which part of NZ do you love?

Hi everyone,

Which area of NZ would you love to live in, and why?

And which area would you avoid, and why?

Thank you for your opinions.

When we arrived in NZ for the first time, we travelled both the Island’s thoroughly. I fell in love with the South Island and thought when we’ll move to NZ, I would like to settle somewhere on the West coast of South Island. Unfortunately, we have to travel internationally frequently, that made logistics a big challenge. Considering you’d have to have a lot of stop overs and less options of flights as west coast is a bit remote.

So we’ve settled in the North island, but the dream to live in the south island is still alive :slight_smile:

I personally love the north Island as it has such fine weather most of the time and lots of places to see my favorite area would be in the Waikato and Auckland districts as they are very big and modern. The Waikato district is in close proximity to most of the big tourism spots in the north island. Thanks for asking

I also like South Island for travelling but prefer to live in North because of the warm weather and easy connectivity with friends and other community members. As such most of our community people (Pakistanis) are living in North :blush:. Secondly, North has got more universities and jobs as compared to South.