Which Cheese brands are Halal in New Zealand

Salam, just wondering which Cheese brand serves Halal cheese in New Zealand/countdown shelves . This is a very common question and may be I have missed the repsosne earlier in the group . Jazakallah.

Buy any cheese, but look out for animal rennet. Many brands mention non-animal rennet which is good to consume
Mainland cheese or the fonterra as their main brand are halal
Countdown brand cheese, rolling meadow

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Also note that FIANZ has certified Rolling meadows, Pams, Mainland and Chesdale as halal as per this notification.


You pick up a “Chesdale” brand cheese from supermarket shelf, read the ingredients, see “Rennet” as one of the ingredients and put the cheese back on the shelf, right?

Well, not any more.

FIANZ is pleased to inform all consumers that from today 06 April 2016, all of Pams, Anchor, Signature Range, Chesdale, Budget and Mainland cheese are certified halal by FIANZ. All rennet in these products are vegetable based or derived from beef. All rennet derived from beef carry authentic halal certificates

Its always best to email and confirm with these companies directly to avoid any doubt.

Beqa brand is halal, Australian product. Available at Countdown.
Value cheese is also halal