When will Grey's Anatomy season 7 begin in New Zealand?

I imagine (as Greys is one of New Zealands highest rated shows and as TV2 have a contact with ABC America) that it will show in New Zealand at some point this year. My best guess is that they are going to play the entire 13-episode season of Off the Map and Go Girls first, and then put Private Practice and Greys Anatomy back on on Tuesday evenings (at the same time as last year - as it does quite well in this slot). This would make sense as shows get higher ratings the later into the winter season, and as Greys and Private Practice both only have 22 episodes, and as Off the Map only has 13 it should fit quite well to make quite a nice long winter season for TV2- which benefits both us as the viewer and the advertisers, only downside, having to wait longer and the DVD will be postponed longer possibly.