When was New Zealand founded?

1250-1300AD: The first human settlements in New Zealand are established by Polynesians from East Polynesia.1642: The first European sighting of the land now known as New Zealand by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.1644-47: First use of the term New Zealand when a Dutch cartographer gives the (latinised) name Nova Zelandia to the land sighted by Abel Tasman.1769: James Cook, captain of the Endeavour, makes the first British discovery of New Zealand. He circumnavigates and makes detailed maps of this new land and establishes communication with the local Polynesians who will become known as the Maori.1833: James Busby arrives in the Bay of Islands and takes up the post of Official British Resident.1839: William Hobson is given the task of establishing British rule in New Zealand which is initially a dependency of New South Wales.1840: The Treaty of Waitangi is signed between the British Crown and certain Maori chiefs. The Treaty is New Zealands founding document and is commemorated every year on February 6th. William Hobson becomes New Zealands first Governor.