Whats the best approach to report and handle workplace bulleys in NZ?

I have a friend whose manager bullies her at work, under appreciates her work and keeps changing her targets to make it more difficult for her to carry out her daily work. What is the best approach to handle this situation? Which authorities should we report this to? just the HR or some other authority as well??

Luckily New Zealand is a country where bullying, harassment and discrimination are taken very seriously. First step can be to talk to trusted friend, colleague or family member and see what they think about your experience.
Sometimes we may maynot be able to judge such behavior appropriately. It is also important to note these behaviors need to be repetitive, one time incidents if not extreme may not be classified as such.

Once you are sure that workplace discrimination, bullying or harassment is present first step can be approach person initiating behavior himself/herself. Sometimes even discussing with colleague or boss about concerning behavior can resolve the issue.

If it is not possible it if confrontation doesn’t help, you can approach your manager, HR consultant or superior manager if accused is manager himself.

Most organizations have an Employee assistance program EAP that you can approach anytime to ask for advice openly or in discretion.

Also don’t forget to join local Union for help and support from the begining.

All these resources can then help guide you according to your company policy.

Citizens Advice Bureau CAB is an excellent resource for new immigrants regarding many issues including workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination.

You can find links to these resources below,