Whats are the first steps towards buying a house in NZ?

Establish a permanent source of income.
Save some money for deposit.
Approach a few reputed mortgage brokers. They will help you get the approval from the bank for home loan.
Look into the market and go to auctions.
Compare homes for the age, locations, distances to work, vicinity, crime rates, schools. Avoid leaky homes.

New Zealand government suggest following 5 steps towards buying a house in NZ

  1. If you’re thinking about buying a home, it’s important to understand what you need in a home and set clear goals for yourself. You will need to start looking at your finances and begin to build your support team.

  2. When you know what you are looking for in a home, you can begin your search. Learn about the types of property ownership and what you should look out for at open homes. Understanding real estate jargon and knowing the questions to ask can help you reduce the risks involved with buying.

  3. When you’ve found the home you want, it’s time to do your homework about the property. You’ll need to gather information about the neighbourhood and the property, know how to spot a leaky home and problem building materials and be aware of any natural hazards.

  4. Before making an offer, it’s important to confirm your finances and make sure you understand the sale and purchase agreement because it is legally binding. Make sure you understand the different sale methods and be aware of what can go wrong.

  5. Once your offer has been accepted, and it’s time to get ready for settlement day. We have a useful checklist that will help you plan for the pre-settlement check, settlement day, and moving in. Find out what to look out for and what to do if things go wrong.

Source https://www.settled.govt.nz/buying-a-home/