What Years do high school kids sit for their external exams

Hi there
For those with High School children in NZ - what Years do they sit for their external exams and when do they pick their subjects to prepare for Uni? Is it during Year 11 & 12? My daughter is currently in Year 10. Thank you

In Year 11 (Level 1), Year 12 (Level 2) and Year 13 (Level 3) students sit their NCEA (National Certificate of Education Achievement) subjects. Each year the students have to achieve a specific number of credits and each course they choose has a designated number of credits. They also have to do Literacy and Numeracy credits for University Entrance. This link will help you to understand the requirements https://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/. Level 1 students are generally turning 16 in that year. Any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Depending on where and when and when you settle would change a few things. Your son in Year 10, as long as he is turning 16 next year would automatically be in high school as a Year 11 student, however, your other son in Year 7, will be attending either a primary school that goes to Year 8 or a middle high school that goes from Year 7 to Year 8. The school I currently work at starts at Year 7 and goes through to Year 13 and while it’s exceptional, there are many schools in NZ that fit outside the norm models.