What transport options are available to commute from Auckland airport to the city?

What transport/commute options are available from Auckland airport to West Auckland?? Which is cheaper and reliable?

Auckland airport is quite well connected with multiple tranpsport options. Being a frequenty traveller I usually take a taxi.

Taxi options include: Uber, Ola, Zoomy, Bluebubble etc. Fare is usually between $30-$50. Note that there is a dedicate area for ride share taxi services. You can find details here: https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/transport/rideshare

There are also several airport shuttle services available that charge around $17 per person and are quite reliable, which is an airport-to-door/door-to-airport service. I have often used them as a second but much cheaper choice: http://www.backpackershuttle.co.nz/

SkyBus - Auckland City Centre & North Harbour to Auckland Airport is a popular airport transfer option. Not only does the SkyBus take you straight up to the airport, so you don’t need to carry your backpack around for too long at the airport, but it is a cheap city-to-airport option if you are travelling by yourself at NZ$16 one way.The bus service operates 24 hours, every 10 minutes 6am-7pm, every 20 minutes 7.20pm-10.20pm, every 30 minutes 10.45pm-5.15am, and every 15 minutes 5.15am-5.45am. The journey between the city centre and the airport takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on traffic.The downside of taking the SkyBus is that you obviously have to carry your luggage to/from the nearest bus stop in the city centre or along its two routes: https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/transport/public-transport

Airport Transfer By Train (Then Bus): The cheapest public transport option for a single person to get between the Auckland city centre and Auckland Airport is by taking the train between Britomart Train Station (city centre) and Papatoetoe Train Station, then taking the 380 Airporter bus service between Papatoetoe Train Station and Auckland Airport. This is perhaps not a very convenient option.