Super shiok eats for Singapore food lovers in Auckland

Hi everyone, trust you had a great weekend!

This week, the Chef wishes to pay homage to her Malay and Javanese heritage and is introducing the Super Shiok Nasi Ambeng :hugs:

Though not as colloquial as its popular cousin, the Nasi Padang back in Singapore, Nasi Ambeng is a tour de force in its own right.

Apart from having different cities of origin (while Nasi Padang came from West Sumatra, Nasi Ambeng has its roots in Bawean, an island off the coast of Java), Nasi Ambeng has two distinct dishes that often cannot be missed when it’s served i.e. check of authenticity, so to speak:
Urap (a salad cooked in spiced grated coconut), and
Terung Belado (eggplant cooked in a distinct spiced paste).

Nasi Ambeng is made to be kongsi-ed with friends and family because it’s such a communal meal and with so many side dishes to share, why not, betul tak? :yum::wink:

So here’s what goes into Super Shiok’s interpretation of Nasi Ambeng:

:fork_and_knife:Ayam Masak Lemak (chicken in coconut gravy)
:fork_and_knife:Beef Rendang
:fork_and_knife:Sambal Goreng (tempeh, long beans and beancurd in spicy sauce)
:fork_and_knife:Urap (assorted vegetables with spiced grated coconut)
:fork_and_knife:Terong Belado (eggplant stir-fried in chilli)
:fork_and_knife:Ikan Bilis Kacang (anchovies and peanuts in sweet chilli glaze)

This is recommended as a platter for two ($45).

However, if you have a party of four or more, DM us and we can discuss how we can make it work for you.

Available this week only on 8th, 9th and 10th September (Tuesday to Thursday) for dinner time pick up from 530pm to 7pm. Please note we are not taking any other orders (ie. nasi lemak) and we are closed on Monday (7th) and Friday (11th). Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused.

Here’s our ordering process:
:red_circle:You may order via FB, Instagram, call/text or WhatsApp to 022 455 8492
:red_circle: Pick up is in Remuera from 530pm to 7pm (negotiable).
:red_circle:Delivery is still ceased till further notice.
:red_circle:We are minimising unnecessary packaging where possible, so please bring along a shopping bag when picking up your orders. No paper bag/ carrier will be provided.
:red_circle: Please refer to images for details/description and minimum order requirements.
:red_circle: As added precaution, we are still doing contactless pickup and payment via bank transfer must be made when we confirm your order. No cash accepted at this time.

Terima kasih saudara-saudari! #supportlocalnz #supportsmallbusinesses #eatlocalnz

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