Suggestions for how to move furniture, car, clothing from US to NZ?

Does anyone have suggestions on best way to move your furniture, car and clothing from the U.S. to NZ?

Be prepared to sell and buy new in NZ. You can pack a container and ship it yourself, but it’s a pain in the rear dealing with multiple agencies such as customs and MAF and the port company all of whom will want some of your money.

After dealing with the bureaucracy of port fees and clearance, the main thing to watch out for is the cost and complication of transhipment between where you live now and the wharf and then from the NZ wharf to your new home. If you book a container to go from a west coast port to Auckland then it’s up to you to find a trucking company with a swing-lift truck to pick up your container and take it to the wharf and another company in NZ to get it from the wharf to wherever you are going to unpack it. Note that you may not be able to pick up or deliver the container to your house, so you may have another step of packing/unpacking the container somewhere and using a van to go the rest of the way.

I strongly suggest you use a moving company to do all this for you - it will help preserve your and your family’s sanity. If you don’t have a full container load, you’ll have the option of sharing with other consignments, which can save you a good chunk of change.

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