Staff needed at CHICKING MANUKAU and MANGERE Auckland

CHICKING MANUKAU & MANGERE is looking for reliable crew members to join our team - PART TIME & FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE.

We need people who donโ€™t mind working in a fast-paced environment with heavy demands, especially during meal rushes.

Successful candidates will work the front counter and other positions as needed. If you enjoy a team-oriented environment and a positive work atmosphere, we want to talk with you.

To join our team, we need the following:

:+1: Preferably, you will have previous experience as a cook or a definite interest in the food industry

:+1: You are organized and can keep your work area tidy and clean

:+1: Energetic and able to work in a busy fast paced environment

:+1: Ideally, prior experience working with customers

:+1: Sound communication skills

If you are interested to work at Chicking Manukau, please send applications to [email protected]

For Mangere store, please send your application to [email protected]