Schools in New Zealand

How does the school system work in New Zealand?

In NZ there are 5 main levels in the education system. Kindergarten/Preschool, Primary, intermediate, secondary/ high school and university. children from the age of 3 start kindergarten and go there until they are 5 years old then once their birthday arrives they attend Primary school until they are 10-11 years of age. After, primary is intermediate for years 7-8 then they go to high school for 5 years. Once they complete NCEA (national certificate of educational achievement) they enter university. In each school they learn a criteria of skills and strengths. in kindy they learn about letters and numbers, in primary they learn basic facts, reading writing and sports. in intermediate they get to experience basic skills like woodwork, art, science and cooking. In secondary they build on that prior know ledge and develop new skills and abilities. Once in university they focus on their careers and learn the skills needed for it.

Hope this answers your questions.