RV requirements

Dear All,

As earlier i have informed that im granted on JSV and i have few concerns :slightly_frowning_face:

1- when im able to transfer my JSV into RV ?
2- What type of specific job required for transfer visa state?
3- Any salary checks per year or per month ? ( how much salary must be earned )
4- Contractual job is enough or full time required ?
5- if anyone is unable to get a job in this one year duration then they can extend jsv duration or any alternate ways ?
6- how much work hours allowed on JSV and min rate per hours ?

these are few points which are in mind and need to very clear on it.


Can someone please clear me on it .
As this is very confusing thing for me , i have joined whatsapp group ( paksitani communities) and the people have mixed responses.

if anyone experience it then its good to share .

The rules and conditions may vary case to case and time to time. All your questions are very technical and requires an expert, if you cant find the answers from public sources its best to email and ask immigration directly. Another quicker option is to consult with an authorized immigration consultant. I believe they wont charge too much for an initial consultation and I believe they can guide the best in your case.