Recommend best place to buy electronics and home appliances for sale in Auckland?

Please recommend best place to get electronics and appliances for sale in Auckland?

No preference on any retailer. It’s good to shop around and get the good deal. Most retailers do offer a discount on the marked price. Also wait for the sales.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Read different reviews about the item I want and finalize which make model I prefer.
  2. Check pricespy for cheapest options available
  3. Show that price to any store of your choice harvery norman, noel leeming, jb-hifi etc they usually try to beat it by 5%
  4. Sometimes the same item is available for a very reduced price on clearance stores Auckland wide like neol leeming clearance centers or appliance outlet
  5. Sometimes its best to wait for a Sale usually on public holidays. Briscoes is a good store and often has good deals
  6. Sometimes online stores like dicksmith or alibaba offer the same item much cheaper than local market and you can get it shipped. just have to wait for the item to arrive.
  7. Xioami is another good store in Auckand with high quality chinese appliances
  8. pbtech is another store I frequently visit most for computing and I.T. stuff

We love to get kitchen appliances from Farmers or Briscoes. For tools and gardening equipment Bunnings is the best. If you are fishing for deals on whiteware Noel Learning Clearance stores are pretty neat. You can always check to compare different retailers. For used appliances and Facebook Marketplace are worth visiting.