Question on points for SMC

I have a question r.e the points for moving based on employment education etc looking for personal experiences. So on paper, it seems we have enough points to “apply” for a visa (boyfriend is a software engineer) but at 130 points I’m feeling that we only just make the cut and thus chances of being accepted are low, which is fine, seems a few more years experience may be required. But at what points level would you really suggest you have a pretty good chance of being accepted. We may start seeking formal advice once the world is out of this pandemic and goes back to some degree of normality but for now just being curious :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe they haven’t been selecting EOI’s with less than 160 points for some time.

you get extra points for a job offer working outside of auckland but you still only need 160. The points requirement doesn’t change with the region only the amount of points your awarded does.