Processing time for residence to permanent residence (on-shore processing)?

Hi all,

Im feeling a bit nervous about my husbands wait-time for applying for PR (from residence visa) and hoping for some reassurance! My rational brain tells me that these things will all be taking much longer due to Covid backlog, but the INZ website still says most of these are being processed within 11 days (and 50% within 7 days). I realize the processing times havent been updated since June...

We had the fee charged to the credit card on May 28, so its been over a month since they received the application.

Has anyone else applied for PR since Covid hit, and would you mind sharing how long you waited?

Background - Im Australian and applied for PR last October, got granted it within about five days. Husband was eligible in April but we had to wait for the offices to open before sending his application in. His travel conditions have expired but were not going anywhere anytime soon, so we sent the original passport in with the application.

My anxiety-driven brain is wondering if they will be pausing on his application because he had publicly-funded elective surgery last year and maybe theyre assessing whether he would be a burden to the health system? Or is that not a thing for residence to permanent residence apps?