Post Covid New Zealand becomes a major destination for international students

In uplifting news for educators who have been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis this year, new QS survey data shows that many prospective international students are still determined to study overseas, whether that’s in 2020 as they had originally planned, or in 2021.

This illuminates how intense the desire still is among many students for an opportunity to study abroad. ![:earth_asia:|16x16]

New Zealand is already a major destination for international students, and it will be interesting to see how much more competitive it becomes as a result of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s admirable handling of the crisis – especially as it looks as though New Zealand, along with Australia and many European Countries, will be the first to open borders again to international students.


Dear All !

This is Ali Ayaz, New Zealand Government Approved and Licensed Immigration Adviser of New Zealand , currently the only one in Pakistan Alhmdlh.

Yes absolutely spot on ! The New Zealand government is fully committed towards this Education sector as well. Resultantly, it has approved many educational providers plans to deliver their programs online. Hybrid delivery of programs is also allowed. It still has strong quality assurance systems to ensure high-quality education at all levels of the education system, both public and private.

New Zealand government agencies monitor the quality of all areas of the education system.

This ensures students gain the skills they need and obtain qualifications that are relevant and good value for money.

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