Please recommend good Desi restaurant in Christ Church?

Travelling to Christchurch with my family, Can you tell us a good place/restaurant to eat please? Thank you for your recommendation

There aren’t many yet not few desi (Halal) eateries we have in Christchurch. That’s my personal list which may differ from other desi’s :slight_smile: and apart from the first one, there is no order in terms of preference:

  1. Afghan (316 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch 8024)
    Most days, this guy is not open but when it’s open then the average wait time is 40 minutes and you won’t regret it waiting for it. You will even see other fellows around you waiting for their food; yet quite happy to at least have an honor of having a food from Afghan :smile:
  • Mosaic (3 / 300 Lincoln Road Addington)
    It’s near to the Afghan restaurant, a small eatery with mediterranean kinda food.

  • Casbah (30 6 / 303 Colombo Street Sydenham)
    It’s a Moroccan restaurant and to me it’s just above average as I personally didn’t like the taste but people really liked it.

  • Prince of Persia (104 Riccarton Road, Riccarton)
    Kinda Iranian touch and the food quality was really good in the past but not that good in the recent times.

There are many other Indian/Bengali/Turkish Kebab shops n restaurants but the above ones are the personal recommendations…