Options to settle in new Zealand for plumbers

Hi everyone,
After almost one year living in New Zealand i realise i want to make my life here. My current company was keen to sponsor me before the covid19 but now the work is going slower and I’m not sure they will still consider to keep me (waiting for news from my manager). So i would like to know if someone knows an other solution for me to stay here? Or if someone know a good immigration agent, how much it cost and how it works?
I still have 3 months on my working holiday visa, I’m plumber and I’m 31 years old. If this can help to point me a way.

Here’s a link to their website - https://www.downundercentre.com/new-zealand
Hennessy immigration services is good
New Zealand Shores is amazing, you can contact Julia Cooke at
[email protected] or go to https://goo.gl/gmRH8E

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