One Month Journey of a new immigrant in New Zealand

Today, one month completed of my journey here in Auckland and the story behind duration is tragic and shocking…
Tragic, I went to isolation the very next day of arrival in this city beside a couple of casual role got canceled due to this and that was normal so far as situation was never in my hand.
The shocking part, few people offer me that you are on WTR oh that’s great, we can help you to get residency and at that moment I realised how helping the community people’s “SIGH” and thought to call up family…
Then after few days, I got a call from a few of them, they offer me some IT Job, company offer letter and so on … but that was just an attraction and the real story was totally different. After informal gossips, they said ok so you want an offer letter and as being Pakistani we favor you and provide you in 50,000$ and one asked 20,000$ and cut the called and asked to think on offer and informed us in next week.
It was a great shock for me that how materialistic approach and *****, well very next day I just leave them a text message that I’m not interested at all and I prefer to wait else ill fly back to my country.

The theme of the story is whoever plan for NewZealand must aware such kind of people and try to avoid them, else, it’s your choice.

Sorry to hear your ordeal. There are good and bad people everywhere. If you have evidence you should report to the police as this is serious fraud.
Other than that regarding isolation, the whole world is in lockdown and there is not much any one can do as this is just pure luck and very much expected until a cure arrives.

Agreed with @Fahim. This is a serious offence. NZ system is quite transparent. Please report these folks to the police.

Thanks to both of you.
Yes, I also planned to take an action and file a report. Now thing is they contact with someone else numbers and didn’t meet face-to-face. Let them connect again. But I’m thinking to write proper draft about all this and mailed to relevant department who dealt all.
Thank for support.