Occupations with Oversupply and undersupply of kiwi job seekers in new Zealand

Immigration New Zealand/Work & Income has issued lists of occupation for which they believe that there is an oversupply of kiwi jobseekers and a list where there is an undersupply of jobseekers. For the oversupply list, work & income is not going to issue a skills match report.

What does it actually mean for migrants? Work & income is not going to issue a skills match report for an occupation which is recognized as one such occupation for which there is an oversupply or undersupply of kiwi jobseekers. Can you still get a work visa if you find a job from an employer who is unable to find a suitable NZer for such a role? How would the employer prove that work & income data is incorrect? Is this list a realistic and true reflection of the real kiwi job market? What are your views?