New work rights for student and work visa holders

New work rights exist for student and work visa holders who work in essential services. Please see below for details:

  1. Student visa holders may request to be allowed to work full-time as long as they worked in an essential service on 16 April and agree to continue working for that employer while allowed to work full-time.

  2. Remember to discuss this with course provider to ensure you’re able to meet study requirements, including attendance

  3. Work and student visa holders working full-time may request to vary conditions of their employment if they worked in an essential service during Alert Level 4, under these conditions: You may:
    a. Change employers, but keep the same occupation
    b. Change occupation, but keep the same employer (ie. you may change employer or occupation, but not both)
    c. NOT change employer if it would require them to work in a different region
    d. need to provide a new employment agreement compliant with NZ employment law

  4. The change will be valid throughout Level 4 and Level 3, and six weeks after decreasing from Level 3.

  5. Submit a request to vary conditions online here:

  6. If your request is granted, you have one month to apply for a variation of conditions and if approved can begin full-time work as a student, or change employers or occupations as a worker

Best of luck to everyone out there. Stay safe, and stay compliant with your visa conditions!