Need immigration Adviser

I applied 3 time for visit visa but unfortunately they declined my applications don’t know why because I full fill there requirements and I also have my 2 friends invitation letters. So can anyone tell me about immigration Adviser who study my case and guide me with good intentions. I need that type of Adviser who charge reasonable fee and also want to help needy people.

Muhammad Usman Khan

Hi Muhammad,
Sorry to hear that your visas got rejected in the past. You can always consult a licensed immigration advisor authorized by the NZ govt. Here is a handy list of licensed immigration advisors and those recommended by friends. There might also be some in Pakistan. I would advise you to contact both NZ advisors and those in Pakistan and try get free consultation session with them. They usually give first 20-30 mins free consultation and can then be in a position to advise you the best option:

Good Luck!

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This is the only licensed NZ immigration advisor in Pakistan showing up on their website:

Thank you dear. I was applied 2 times for visit visa by maraj shb and they declined. Now maraj shb license is canceled.

Thank you. You know Anyone more competent in this list if you suggest?

They are all recommended by friends so should be all good. You can try New Zealand Shores [] (