Most amazing and best Ice Cream and Gelato shops in Auckland

Here is a list of the Best Ice Cream and Gelato shops in Auckland
TAKAPUNA BEACH CAFE, TAKAPUNA: Their ice cream and sorbet selection is extensive. They have a wide range of flavours and cater those unlucky enough to be dairy-free. You can order a single scoop ($5) and choose two flavours half-and-half. And boy are their scoops generous. A few of our favourite flavours are the salted caramel, lemon curd yoghurt, mango sorbet and the espresso. Go on, get yourself a double scoop ($7). After all that beach walking, you deserve it.

LITTLE 'LATO, MORNINGSIDE/WYNYARD QUARTER: All gelato is made on site and they have some great dairy-free options that use alternative nut milks. You can find Little 'Lato and their big creations at Crave in Morningside and at the Auckland Fish Markets

DUCK ISLAND ICE CREAM, PONSONBY/NEWMARKET: The mighty Waikato’s claim to fame. Duck Island has finally opened not one, but two ice cream havens in Auckland central. Stocking at least 24 flavours at any given time, it’s safe to say that there a scoop to please every ice cream lover. Vegan and dairy-free options using a coconut milk base are also in full supply.

MILSE, BRITOMART: While the plated desserts are a must-eat in Auckland, our favourite Milse gems are stashed away in the freezer display. Our favourite gelato hands down is the Bombe Alaska, a creamy vanilla ice cream with frozen raspberry layer all dipped in white chocolate then coated in a toasted meringue.

GIAPO, AUCKLAND CBD: When you head down to the Fort Street store, arm yourself with wet wipes (for the drips of course) and pants with an elastic waistband. The walk in experience is second to none. Always say it’s your first time there, so you get taken through a tasting session and shown all the new treats on offer. As well as out of the box flavours (i.e. Aperol spritz, Giapo Buono and Bberry’s Mustard) you can choose from a variety of cones, including those you can wear. It’s too hard to cover all the delights of Giapo, we suggest putting this one at the top of your list to visit this weekend. The gelato ranges from $9.50 to Colossal Squid territory at $23 a pop.

MIANN, AUCKLAND CBD/BRITOMART/MORNINGSIDE: From their flagship store on Fort Street to the Britomart hotspot and Morningside’s chocolate factory, Brian and Roselle Campbell’s Miann serves up some of the best dessert in Auckland. As well as cabinetry lined with florescent bon bons, mousse gateaux and inventive macarons, each venue boasts a luxurious selection of gelato and sorbet. The flavour lineup — available by the cup, cone or in milkshake form — includes baklava with pistachio and honey, salted caramel with macadamia praline and brownie, mango and gingerbread cheesecake, and charcoal coconut, among plenty of others. The brand’s gelato cart is also available for hire and can offer up to eight different flavours for your special event.

OLLIE’S BURGERS & ICE CREAM, ROYAL OAK: This suburban icon in Royal Oak with its signature red and white retro American décor has ice cream definitely worth braving the worst roundabout in Auckland for. Established on Valentine’s Day in 1973, Ollie’s has been scooping up New Zealand’s finest Tip Top ice cream for 47 years. It now offers around 30 different flavours of ice cream. Classics such as Goody Goody Gumdrops and rum and raisin, to the much-loved Gold Rush and maple walnut fudge are always on the menu. Ollie’s is a beacon of hope after you have braved the crowds at the local Pak n Save or Dressmart down the road. The offerings don’t stop at scoop ice cream. The giant banana splits ($13.50) and chocolate fudge cake served with ice cream, cream and sprinkles ($10.50) are much-loved favourites and are sure to hit the spot

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