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Most immigration advisers give consistent and competent advice to their clients in matters relating to New Zealand Immigration. But we still see a large number of people being disadvantaged due to making avoidable mistakes in their Immigration applications. The purpose of the group is to give general advice on New Zealand Immigration issues and assist the members of the group to have a better understanding of the New Zealand Immigration laws.

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To book a free consultation with New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser Inder Singh, please click

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If you need any immigration advice please get in touch with the team:

Borey Chum +64 (0) 277514276 [email protected]
Rachael Howes +44 (0) 1483 550916 [email protected]
Christine Yap +64 (0) 211740937 [email protected]
Michael Cooke +64 (0) 277514276 [email protected]
Vivian Booth +64 (0) 211740937 [email protected]

We have five licensed immigration advisers at Migration Associates who are all able to give you advice and support during these difficult times.

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Need NZ Immigration Advice?

Contact us now on 0212050466 and book your initial consultation free of cost with our Licensed Immigration Adviser.


The Immigration Boutique - Contemplating visiting or moving to beautiful New Zealand? Don’t leave sorting out your immigration paperwork to the last minute. Get things in order with the expert help of The Immigration Boutique (NZ). Julie is a Licensed Immigration Adviser who provides qualified immigration advice on various Visa categories for those wishing to come to New Zealand either temporarily or permanently. [LINK]

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For all your immigration requirements call Immigration Advice NZ Ltd S:

4 years of quality New Zealand Immigration advice and services!

Do you need help with Work Visa, Student Visa, Partnership and Residency Visa, Section 61 or Business Visa at a reasonable cost!

Please contact us on 0211357855 or email at [email protected] to make an appointment.

Good immigration advisers: Sarah from New Zealand Shores can help you [email protected]

NZ immigration advisors:

I used Malcolm Pacific. They were fantastic.
Phone: (09) 309 4187
From overseas + 64 9 309 4187
[email protected]

Are you concerned about your visa status? We’re here to help.

If you are concerned about your situation contact us now. Our team of expert immigration advisers can assess your situation and will see how they can help.

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Need Immigration Advice?

Mike has ONE Skype appointment available for Wednesday 15th April. If you would like to book a consultation with Mike email [email protected]

PANZ Recommend below given Licensed Immigration Advisor; get discount as well if you using PANZ reference.

Why to Risk your Visa Application?

Get a Licensed Immigration Adviser of New Zealand and Education New Zealand Trained Agent:


Immigration Advisers Authority License No. 201600209

[email protected]


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Seek expert guidance from a Full Licensed Immigration Adviser of New Zealand from New Zealand Government and an Education New Zealand Trained Agent.


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 0092-3335213265

Skype ID: amazing.ali


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Vallant Hookers & Patners

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