Journey from Multan to Auckland

Here is complete story of my whole journey from Multan Pakistan to Auckland Newzealand.

I’ve applied for my resident visa around 2 years ago and finally at 12th Feb,2020 I got response from immigration that I’ve granted work to residence visa which I was not expecting as I believe that it suppose to be the resident visa.

Well at 12th March 2020 was the date when I have to get up early and reached at airport to take my flight for Auckland and believe me that night was very hard and asleep uncomfortable as because I have to left my family and 2 little angels at my back… ( missed them most ).

Very fine rainy morning it was when I left for home and here my father decide not to join me for airport and he hugged me tightly in TV lounge and here I realized why he decided not to join me because he ain’t see me going as I was the most attached and younger son of him.

Ok here I arrive at airport as per rule 3 hours before my flight and here was long que and I also fall in line and then suddenly FIA person called on my mobile and asked my details and i was shocked why he called but it’s was my father who asked someone to facilitate his son as it’s his first travel so he don’t get worried about long que’s. Loved him.

Cut short that FIA person cleared me from every counter without any delays.
Here let me clear one point do not exceed the luggage more then 32kg as they allow only 30 and they have margin of 2kg that accommodate upon request.

At the end money declaration/immigration counter person asked how much money you have in pocket and what’s in the luggage. … luggage question was fine but I don’t know why he asked about money/dollars. ( Maybe there is some rule)

After all that finally in the waiting lounge and sudden here was announcement that all the passenger who travelling from Qatar airways present CAA counter and there staff informed that the passengers who are travelling for Kuwait are not allowed as Kuwait shutdown it’s border.

Thanks Almighty we were saved and later after an hour we are requested to come at gate 1 and welcome to the onboard. But situation was very uncertain and people were so panic about Corona thing. Middle East closed their borders and they are very concerned as their visa get expired. May Almighty blessed all.

After 3 hours we landed to Doha Hamd International Airport and as my stop above then 11 hours so I facilitate with stpc . I reached at transfer counter and asked for stpc and they handover me airport hotel voucher. Room was super awesome but I want to mention a bad point only meal was allowed to avail is of 100 QR.

Then I take flight at 02:20 and it get delayed for 30 mints due to technical issue. And yes it was so long and tiring flight… onboard people also panic about the Corona and no body knows what will happen when they landed at Auckland airport and there were so many gossips.

Finally after almost 17 hours we landed and before exit from plane we need to fill up the biosecurity form and also suppose to declare anything that is harmful or restricted and must need to declare… and present that bio security form at immigration counter and then custom section.

As already said situation was very uncertain and there were rumors that immigration thing take time more than usual and I was really worried but believe me I passed through all counters and exit from.airport in maximum 10 mints and that was really very surprising for me.

And here comes the Auckland very cold morning and one of my friend will arrive to pick me up and then drop off at my location where I booked the accomodations. Thanks to him. He did alot.

After 2 days of jet lag and uncomforts sleep here I got one more shocked where PM announced that everyone qurantine for 2 weeks first it was for those people who arrived after 15th March and then she implement the same on them who arrived before the date. So I also isolate. And in this all situation my 2 job interviews got cancelled but I believe there must be some other way. If the one door is closed then many more will opened.

Thanks for your time to read the story and sorry it’s quite long as I suppose to cover every Part.


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Kia ora and welcome to NZ. Quite a rough journey, hope things turn out better from here on.

I wish the same, but things become more worse here due to covid-19.

@MuhammadAamir Hope things get better. Things have become hard for everyone all over the world now.

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