Is it worth shipping over UK electrical goods to NZ?

Can anyone tell me if it is worth shipping over U.K. electrical goods (eg. TV, toaster, kettle etc.) to NZ? Are they compatible with NZ electrics? Or is it worth buying new stuff when out there?

UK stuff is the same, just need to change the plug. Where I knew I would use a couple of uk appliances next to each other I brought a couple of extension leads with a few sockets on and just changed the plug on the extension lead. Just remember if you bring stuff like your toaster and tv you will be without it for ages.

My friend came from the UK 7 months ago. Changing the plugs is v easy. I would advise bringing over a few UK multi strip plugs too and then you can just change the one plug on that as per my attached picture. Wish we’d have brought more UK strip plugs over
This is the best video for changing uk plugs to nz