Immigration to new Zealand for mental health therapist and computer coder

Hello all! My husband and I have been seriously considering moving to NZ since we visited several years ago and we certainly would if we can figure out how to secure jobs there! I’m leery about applying for visas without having jobs first, and would appreciate advice on that. Since it’s the two of us and with border closures, ideally we’d both want job offers before we commit to the visa expenses. We’re both 30 this year and don’t qualify for the working holiday visa.

I have a masters degree in mental health counseling and am fully licensed to provide therapy (Licensed Professional Counselor). I also am certified as a school guidance Counselor. I’m having a hard time finding info on whether I should apply for NZ credentialing before I apply to jobs. I am also open to changing careers (mental health work is very stressful and the pay is poor) and am interested in student advising or something working with uni or school age students.

My husband works as a computer programmer writing code, he does both backend software development and website design. He did not complete his bachelor degree in that field (he has another one in filmmaking) as in the USA you don’t really need to have it as long as you can do the work. Would anyone hire him without the degree?

We’d greatly appreciate any advice as we navigate this processes. Be well!

Counselling isn’t regulated in NZ, anyone can call themselves a counsellor and jobs are scarce…! If you meet the qualifications for psychotherapist that is regulated but jobs are still scarce although pay isn’t bad. Its not so much the employer accepting his qualifications that would worry me as the immigration accepting them for visa purposes.

One of you must be able to meet the threshold of 160 points to apply for SMC visa, alternatively there is the talent visa option but thats becoming much more difficult due to wage thresholds and the labour market test.

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