Immigration new Zealand reforms may 2022

A well written analysis on where New Zealand Immigration settings are headed. Goodluck for those coming in.

key points to the upcoming changes:

  • from 2023 that will see all employers who hire migrants on any temporary visa needing to be accredited, including those employing working holiday makers and students
    -Employers who have never had to deal with Immigration NZ will be forced to decide whether it’s worthwhile for them to obtain accreditation and be subject to additional scrutiny and interference from the government.
  • Partners of Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) holders whose occupations are not on the newly introduced Green List, or who are not earning at least twice the median wage in other roles, will not be entitled to open work rights. They will need to qualify for an AEWV or their own alternative temporary work visa.
    -International students will only get an open work visa based on the duration of their study, and what level of study they undertake.
    People employing Working Holiday Visa holders will not need to be accredited. WHV is an open work visa. Employers do not need to be accredited to employ those on open work visas (such as partnership-based visas, Post Study Work Visas and Working Holiday Visas)

Also, I read this earlier today. It’s basically an opinion/complaint piece written by someone who has a vested interest in higher immigration levels and will face lower income under the new rules. Take it with a huge grain of salt.