I want to do a postgrad degree or PhD from New Zealand? Any advice how to secure admission in Master or PhD in New Zealand

I have an overseas degree and couple of years of job experience. I am now exploring study options in New Zealand. I want to do a postgrad degree or PhD from New Zealand? Any advice how to secure admission in Master or PhD in New Zealand

There are 6 main Universities in New Zealand that are govt. funded and highly reputable with a good global standing. For starters you need to identify the area of study and look for the university that has the best faculty for it and meets your expectations. Once that’s sorted then follow these steps:

  • Search faculty and departments of your area of study in all universities in NZ
  • Look at what these universities are offering and particularly look at their PhD students and their research focus and the supervising professors leading the research. Find supervisors matching your area of interest
  • Write a proposal of an interesting research problem that you want to pursue and send it to these professors who have a matching interest to you. Send it multiple professors
  • Wait for them to accept the proposal otherwise send them a follow-up email.
  • Formally apply through the University website and attach correspondence or acceptance letter from supervisor
  • For PhD program NZ universities charge domestic student fee even for international students making it an attractive program

New Zealand universities charge domestic student fee for all PhD students including international students, making it an attractive degree for overseas students.

Cost for postgrad degree varies:

Cost of living is a bit high in NZ, however students are allowed to work while studying to meet their living costs. Here is an idea about the cost of living:

Job and settlement prospects after PhD: Can a PhD student apply for NZ residency if he finds a full time job while studying

Here is another very helpful resource

Once you have secured your admission you can apply for a student Visa. It’s best to go through registered immigration consultants for all visa related help. Here is a handy list

Dear Anushka,

There are many good options in NZ.

There are 8 Universities in NZ, not 6 and all 8 are in the top 300 of the world as per various rankings.

Plz let me know what your academic background is, what was your Job about, i.e. Job Description and your ambitions on what you want to achieve from the PG degree in NZ so that I may advise your further. Do you want to settle in NZ after your degree or not ?

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