How to commute around in Auckland without a car?

I havent bought a car yet, what are some cheap options to commute around in Auckland without a car?

Auckland is very well connected and equipped with a modern public transport infrastructure. If you dont have a car you can use one of the many options provided by Auckland Transport like Bus, Train and Ferry:

Bus: Taking a bus is a great way to get around in town. The bus services in auckland are quite advance having a wide coverage area, frequent buses, real-time web and mobile app support, journey planner and discount fares using the AT HOP card. You can lear more about the bus service here:

and use the journery planner to reach your destination

Train: Trains are a great way to travel around Auckland with 41 stations across four lines: Southern, Eastern, Western and Onehunga. Equipped with modern trainstations and connected properly with the bus network. MOre details here:

Ferry: Auckland is a harbour city and ferries have been a part of its fabric for over 150 years. From the ever-popular Devonport and Waiheke ferries, to more recent additions of Hobsonville, Gulf and Pine Harbour ferries to these fast-growing communities. More details here:

Carpooling or ride sharing: is a great choice for those who can’t commute by walking, cycling or public transport. Find and share rides with people who travel to and from the same places.

Cycle: Cycling//Biking is a great way to get around the city. Auckland is well equipped with dedicated cycleways and cycle friendly roads. It produces zero pollution, you’ll feel great and you’ll save money. It’s fun, social, economical, it reduces your impact on the environment, and can improve your health and wellbeing. Commuting by bike is also a great way to avoid congestion on the road. Even if you only cycle part of the way, you’ll arrive refreshed and ready for action.

E-scooters: e-scooters are a great way to beat the traffic in auckland and very effective as a last mile micromobility commute option. Multiple companies have launched their e-scooters in auckland under strict regulation by the auckland coucil. All you require is a smart phone with an e-scooter app and a reasonable internet connected to locate, hire and ride an electric scooter. In auckland companies like Flamingo, Neuron, Lime, Beam and Jump and are available. You can find more detail here:

Other than that you have a variety of taxi/cab services like Uber, Ola, Zoomy, Bluebubble etc also available.