How can I access Healthcare facilities in NZ while on student visa

I am a student visa, how can I access healthcare facilities in NZ.

NZ provides publicly funded health services to Kiwis. In order to check your eligibility to avail these free services follow this link:

Depending on what sort of medical help you need, there are several ways to access New Zealand’s healthcare services:

If you need medical help thats not an emergency, the first point of contact is a general practitioner (GP). Most GPs in New Zealand work in groups called a practice, operating from a Medical Centre.

A GP is a fully trained medical doctor who can give you medical advice and refer you for further tests or specialist treatment if needed. Treatment may be either in the public health system (which is subsidised or free) or through private providers (user pays). The GP will assess you and prescribe medicine. GP will also often be your first point of contact to refer you further to a specialist.

If your on a student visa you will need to pay directly or purchase a private health insurance.

For any sort of medical emergency help, you will need to visit your local hospital’s emergency department. They will assess and treat patients who have serious injuries or illnesses. Bear in mind that if you do not have medical insurance then this will be very costly.

If you need any medication, you can get it from a pharmacy (also known as ‘chemist’). Pharmacies can sell you ‘over the counter’ drugs like everyday painkillers. For other medicine you need to go to a GP first for a prescription.

Our health system
You can find full information on the New Zealand health system here