Halal Food

Assalam u Alikum .

I want to know how to verify the halal food stuff especially bread,butter,jam milk and cereals.
If there any known brands who offers the halal stuff then name it please so that it will be easy for newbies.


Being one of the biggest halal meat exporters, NZ has plenty of halal food options and several halal certification authorities. You can download the official Tourism New Zealand Halal Guide halal guide from here: https://www.newzealand.com/sg/feature/halal-guide-for-new-zealand/

There are several other sites as well like: https://fianz.com/fianzhalaldirectory/

and more sites like:

The above resources should give a wealth of info. In NZ supermarkets most halal products have the halal certificate at the back of the product. However there are several others that dont display the logo due to various reasons. I’ll try compile a list of halal products. Vegetarian and seafood options are also mostly safe/halalfriendly but require some caution, so always read the ingredients and when in doubt email the company to inquire.

Other than that halal is a subjective issue, some people are more strict while others bit relaxed with their definition of what constitutes halal. Its always easier/better to follow the majority body on such matters unless you find a better and more authentic source on the subject or a subject matter expert who can guide better.