Graduate diploma to work and residency pathway for new zealand

I seek your guidance and advice on the study pathway I should take if I start with a Graduate Diploma Level 7 Hospitality Management course and will it lead to the path of residency. Can I submit an expression of interest for residency soon after I complete a Level 7 Graduate Diploma (ie: if I have a job offer of skilled employment in hand) or do I need to complete a Post Graduate Diploma Level 8 in Hospitality Management before applying for residency. Please help me understand. I am a fresh graduate from India. Also, what are the chances of getting a supervisory/managerial job in the Hospitality sector in New Zealand after the completion of a Graduate Diploma Level 7 in Hospitality Management. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance.

The two important criteria to be met after recent changes to policy are, 1) You should have skilled employment/offer of skilled employment in New Zealand or 2) You should have studied in New Zealand for at least 2 years leading to a doctorate or masters. If you do not have at least one of these, then a direct resident visa is ruled out. Plus you need to get 160 points for age, qualifications, work experience, etc and you need to be of good character and health. You can reach this points’ threshold and also full fill condition 1 above if you get a genuine job offer from NZ. So even if you opt to study a Graduate Diploma in Hospitality, complete the course successfully and manage to procure a job offer you could most likely qualify provided you get 160 points to apply for PR. Also being a fresher the chances of getting a managerial job would be slightly bleak but if you have the right attitude, the skill and knowledge that wouldn’t be a major issue. As you are from a hospitality background consider moving into culinary arts as this is a skill shortage area and currenty chefs are in huge demand as there is a shortage of chefs. Think about it. Contact licensed immigration advisor for more details