Flame restaurant

Copied from a friend’s post:
living here on the West-side in Taamaki Makaurau (Auckland) there are just so many takeouts to choose from & so I went with Flame which is located down 301 Lincoln Rd & I’ve done a review in here before on the other Flame store which is situated down 15/125 Ormiston Road in Botany.

I ordered the Beef & Pineapple burger combo, & I make no apologies for the pineapple being in there :wink: & my moko (grandson) ordered the Chicken and Camembert burger combo with a side of wedges.

This eatery is very clean, the service is quick & friendly, & our meals were delicious, mash’Allah, & most nights there is ample parking.

If you have the means, try & get out there & support our Halal eateries whaanau because for most of them it’s their only means of subsistence :grin: & please post up any info on Halal eateries or Halal foods from your neck of the woods