Dress code in Kiwi workplaces

Hello everyone ,
As I’m travelling very first time so I want to know about the dress code at workplace.
Should I bring formal clothes or casual are enough??

Kiwi workplaces attire is generally getting more casual/relaxed. However customer facing jobs require formal attire. Many organization have specific rules around dress code and enforce these rules strongly. However, it all depends on the organization culture in general: https://www.employment.govt.nz/workplace-policies/work-equipment-and-clothing/uniforms-and-dress-codes/

I would recommend to pack less formal and more semi-formal casual clothes. Almost all major brand outlets are available in Auckland in case you need more clothes of any type.

A top end consumer facing workplace would usually have strict and formal dress code that might even be part of your contract. This can include any setting such as a high profile medical practice/law firm/insurance company etc. A typical kiwi workplace with little consumer interaction is usually more relaxed and doesn’t require any such binding. Don’t be surprised if you see people walking around in jandals, kids at work intense offices(uncommon but it happens in holidays), and often your office manager calling himself ‘tea lady’ while he cleans kitchen counter in a pair of jeans.
Welcome to New Zealand!