Culturally arranged marriage CAM visa changes immigration New Zealand update October 2021

We are pleased to inform you the recent changes in the CAM (culturally arranged marriage) visas.

These changes made are as follows.

  1. Evidence of a cultural marriage:

• Substantive evidence must be provided to demonstrate that the marriage follows an identified and recognised cultural tradition.

• Evidence may include:

a) Communication between the parents of the couple, or a person acting as a go-between.

b) other documents indicating public recognition of the arrangement, or ceremony, or both;

c) Confirmation from independent sources that such arrangements or ceremonies, or both, are in accordance with the cultural custom of the parties concerned.

  1. Application Process:

• CAM visitor visas can be lodged either online or using a paper form.

• For online applications, the form will ask applicants to confirm whether they are applying for a CAM visitor visa.

• The current timeframe to process visitor visa applications is 3-5 months.

• Given current limitations on international travel as a result of COVID-19, successful CAM visa applicants will be granted a six-month ‘first entry before’ date to allow them more time to secure flights and managed isolation or quarantine in New Zealand.

  1. Requirements

• The marriage must be arranged by someone other than the applicant or their supporting partner and follow an identified cultural tradition.

• The applicant and supporting partner intend that the marriage will be maintained on a long term and exclusive basis.

• The supporting partner is a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder and the supporting partner:

• Supports the application

• Is eligible to support a residence class visa under partnership

• Meets character requirements for supporting partners

• There is no legal impediment of the intended marriage.

  1. Specific Requirements

• Three-months time frame

• Met physically before making the application

• The marriage is arranged

NOTE: Please consult an immigration advisor or a lawyer as criteria may vary between a CAM visa post-marriage and a CAM visa pre-marriage.