Cost of immigrating to New Zealand for family of 4

Asking on behalf of a friend,
would anyone be able to give me an idea of ths cost of immigrating to NZ, to include the move itself and then settling.
I appreciate there are a lot of variables and family specific scenarios that would create a large margin.

We’re a family of 4, from the UK. Both qualified nurses. We have 2 children, currently 5 and 2. We are not home owners and would expect to rent, for at least 5 years in NZ.

And on a slightly separate topic…
What are the cost differences if only moving to NZ on a 3 year working Visa?

Thanks in advance

You can look on the NZ immigration website to determine an exact visa cost. If you follow the prompts for what visa you are applying for then at the end there will be a cost.

To look up rental costs check out, look at the rental properties for an idea.

Cost depends on everything. It can cost tens of thousands depending on how you do it. Could cost only a couple of thousand too. I’d say the total cost of our move (2 people) was worth approx £20k (visas, immigration lawyer, medicals, flights, temp accommodation, deposit for rental, insurances, shipping a container of our stuff over) also a work visa is always cheaper than a residencey visa.

If you look in the files section there are some good resources available there. Plus there is - I think - the cost of living calculator

It’s costing us about 10 k for residency we add 1k if we have to have a report working visa. We do have the dog 2/3k on top of that but we have no shipping (5k)

I have budgeted 20k for the visas, 20 ft container, flights, air bnb for a month, medicals etc

You will need enough funds to pay for your travels as well as your accommodation and other living costs.

However, the level of expenses you will have will mostly depend on your personal lifestyle and it is therefore not possible to give you a reliable figure for the costs you have to expect for the first few months here in New Zealand.

My advice: Be prepared to cover the first few months from your savings!

Running out of money is a major factor for determining your stress levels and it will put a high level of pressure on you.

I cannot stress enough the importance of good preparation! The better you prepare your arrival in New Zealand, the faster you will be able to find a job, obtain a visa and settle into your new life.

While this advice is quite obvious, it is probably one of the most important factors that will contribute to your successful immigration process!