Choosing a city to live in NZ

Windy Wellington, amiable Auckland, construction-obsessed Christchurch or sleepy Palmy?

How did you all decide to settle where you are living right now? What advice would you give to new immigrants who have the option to pick any city in the country.

Share your stories.

This is really a personal choice, some people prefer the hustle bustle of the big cities, while others prefer the simplicity of the regions, while for some people its not a choice its more of where the job of business opportunity takes you.


Agree that job and growth potential may be the number one priority. In big cities living cost especially accommodation and and commuting is too high. In smaller cities you can maintain a luxury lifestyle in less income. You can find all sort of facilities and infrastructure for a great living everywhere in New Zealand. I personally prefer to live in smaller cities for lifestyle and healthy living. Less commuting, easy living and more time for family and fun activities.


I think that the choice depends on the person rather than the choice of others. If you are a young busy worker than maybe a nice apartment in a big bustling city like Auckland would be ideal or maybe you are a simple/ down to earth person who enjoys peace and quiet so then a house in a chill environment. really it all depends on your preference.

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