Can you bring your dog to travel in New Zealand?

Seriously consider the stress on the dog, and the expense, before bringing it to New Zealand. It is a long trip away from most places. There are serious restrictions, expenses and quarantine periods involved. Your dog is unlikely to be permitted to travel with you on a domestic plane in New Zealand. They usually travel as cargo. If it is to be in NZ less than a year or two, leave the dog behind with a friend. No dogs of the following breeds, or crosses of these breeds may be brought into New Zealand: * American Pit Bull Terrier; * Dogo Argentino; * Japanese Tosa; and * Brazilian Fila All dogs must be microchipped. Whether you can bring a dog into New Zealand depends on where it is resident, where it has been, and where it visits on the way (transshipment locations). If the dog has been resident in: * Australia; * Singapore; * Sweden; * Norway; * the Republic of Ireland; * the UK; or * Hawaii for at least 6 months, there may not need to be a quarantine period, but there will be testing, treatment, inspection and certification requirements. From some other countries there are similar testing, treatment, inspection and certification requirements, and vaccination requirements. From some countries a dog may not come directly to New Zealand, but it may be possible for it to enter Another Country that allows it, reside there for 6 months and then come to New Zealand. All the testing etc. will need to be done for this. If a dog requires quarantine, it is likely to be for at least 30 days. The dog will spend this period in a specific quarantine facility in New Zealand: not with you. See the related links for more detailed information.