Authentic Chinese restaurant in Auckland

Kungfu Noodle is no doubt the most authentic Chinese food restaurant in Auckland. Definitely recommend for a wide range of authentic Chinese dishes, there is lots on the menu originating from all regions of China. Most popular are their noodle and soup dishes, they also have many types of dumplings, rice and meat dishes, as well as popular side dishes like Chinese breads etc. Ring ahead as they are always busy, it’s a bustling place inside but that makes it a great experience! They do not have pork, and all meat is halal, we always check with them each time we go🙂 enjoy!

Their website.

Authentic Chinese food, so it isn’t like the fusion dishes most of us know and love but still yummy. It is halal, owners are Chinese as far as I am aware.

Excellent food at Balmoral & meadowlands shopping centre branches.Spicy fried prawns are my favourite!!!

Shaolin Kungfu noodles the one in Albany (not others) has yummy Chinese food…Their serving size is soo filling. It is Halal :yum::yum::yum::ok_hand: