Aunty Gee's Recipe best halal Filipino cuisine in Auckland

Aunty Gee’s Recipe best Filipino cuisine in Auckland
100% Halal Filipino cuisine and so Yummy! Place order now before midnight and get it by tomorrow noon . Can do delivery upon request :slight_smile:

AGR is taking orders for your Sunday meals now.PM me now!

Menu this week :


  1. aromatic Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken or Prawns (Chef Specials)
  2. Arroz Caldo @ Savoury Chicken Porridge
    Desserts & Snacks
  3. BiloBilo @ Sweet aromatic banana Jackfruit with glutinous riceballs (best seller)
  4. Turon @ Crispy Sweet Banana + Jackfruit fritters (best seller)
    5)Leche Flan @ Creamy Caramel Custard (Chef’s Choice)
    6)Maja Blanca @ Creamy Soft Corn + Coconut Cake
    7)Spicy Garlicky Peanuts (Best Seller)
    8)Lumpia Touge @Crispy Chicken + Beansprout + Veges Springrolls

Pick up or delivery (small fee’s applied )

We are based in Avondale