Are you allowed to go out during the covid lockdown in NZ?

Are you allowed to go out during the lockdown in NZ? What are you allowed to go out for?

“The Government has asked all New Zealanders to stay at home to help stop the spread of Covid-19.”

However, people could leave their house to access essential services including buying groceries, or going to a bank or pharmacy, going to work for an essential service, or “going for a walk, or exercise and enjoy nature within your neighbourhood”.

"If you do leave your house, you must keep a two-metre distance from other people at all times.

“This will enable outbreaks of Covid-19 to be contained within areas.”

If you travel outside this area you are placing other lives at risk.

Just stick to the essentials. I know it is broad term but use common sense and only go out when you think it is necessary.