Are americans treated differently in New Zealand?

I hope this isn’t a loaded question I’m wondering if anyone that moved to New Zealand from the U.S. was met with hostility due to the political climate here? I have traveled and lived overseas many times and in certain places I was met with lots of hostility when people heard my american accent. I have wanted to move my family out of the U.S. for a long time but with how things are over here I’m worried about my kids getting grief due to some choices that their birth country has made. Not trying to start a political discussion or offend anyone. Please delete if not allowed.

Kiwi people are kind for the most part as long as we don’t push our American pride to them. I’ve noticed that in any country if we exercise humility and appreciation of their way of doing life, people tend to be understanding. Good luck on your search for better life.
It is quite hostile here in the states, we’ve been feeling the heat for a long time but especially now days.

No we haven’t had any issues at all. People have asked me if I’m a trump supporter (NOPE) so then they take a sigh of relief and ask wtf is wrong with him :joy: I’ve never ever felt hostility and our kids have just melted right into school with everyone else.

It’s been great.

Nope, we’ve never felt any hostility. We’ve met a few people who were surprised we moves but when we explained why (general quality of life) they can’t help but agree. The neighbor kids are awesome and love asking us questions about the US.

I have run across 2 Kiwis who were disappointed I didnt like trump, and they were extremely polite; everyone else thinks he’s a cruel, ignorant buffoon and is relieved to discover I feel the same.