Approximate cost of living in Christchurch

We have been planning to move to Christchurch, can anyone tell that approximately how much it will cost per person.


I dont live in Christchurch, but I believe the cost calculator mentioned might give an estimate:

It’s a relative question so simple answer is - as compared to Auckland, the living is cheaper.

You can get a 2 bed room apartment around 350 p/w and if the house is brand new or an year old that it would be 450 ~ 480 p/w. I don’t know much about the single person and I believe you will be living in a shared accommodation so it will depend on the area too. Mostly students are paying around 150ish p/w (in a house with three bedroom). If you include electricity & internet then i believe it would be around 200 p/w.

Other household stuff is apparently same across whole New Zealand but in Auckland, there are more options of traditional Pakistani/Indian shops. Don’t know much about public transport but you can find all the detail from

If you need any specific details then you can drop me a message.

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In general, you should budget NZ $350-$400 per week for living expenses; that is a total of NZ $14,000 – NZ $16,000 from mid-February to mid-November. If you decide to stay during the summer holidays, you will need to budget accordingly.