Anybody in this group have kids in college in new Zealand

Anybody in this group have kids in college? We are planning on moving back next year, at this time for my stepson to attend college in NZ. He is dual citizen, we have not lived there since he was born. Will he still get the first year free? Is college that much cheaper in New Zealand?

He should qualify for the fees free first year of tertiary study, either at uni or trade school. Also, uni for NZ citizens and residents is very much cheaper than in the US.
Also as a citizen, he will qualify for help from StudyLink.

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I think they should be ok but just check there is no requirements to have to have been in the country a certain amount of time first even as a citizen. I think in the uk citizens have to have lived back in the country for a certain amount of time to qualify

Just FYI, college in NZ is secondary school. It took me a minute to realise you meant university. It might help your enquiries if you call it uni, to avoid confusion.

He should get charged as any citizen, but to recieve any government support you need to have been resident for two years continuously at some point. So he’ll need to get a job or be financially supported.

You should look into entry requirements and make contact with some universities to get the details. Fees vary wildly between institutions and courses. I’d be surprised if it was anywhere near US prices, though.